my story



Picture it...New Orleans - 2009 - this acrylic on canvas painter former tomboy decided to take a liking to makeup artistry.  Not the typical makeup artistry, but the creative colorful type that reminded her of her love of painting.  She loved playing with color and shapes on the face just as she loved doing so on the canvas.  What she also learned was she didn't like to FEEL her makeup.  She also felt if she didn't like to feel it, others must have felt the same. 

This started her journey of delivering lightweight yet flawless makeup application which is now her signature style. Makeup is to be enhancing AND comfortable - even in hot and humid climates like New Orleans. This style has landed her an amazing reputation and some amazing gigs with some of your favorite people.  With almost a decade in, Krystal has learned a lot, accomplished a lot and shares a lot - like Flawless Applications that feel like AIR!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.