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Let's get together and have some great sessions discussing and demonstrating all aspects of a flawless makeup application. Choose any 3 classes you like (ONLY 3) and get ready to dive deep into each one.

In this series you have the option to learn:

Proper Skin Prep for a Flawless Face (8/25 @ 2pm)
Finding the Perfect Match/Basic Color Theory (8/25 @ 345pm)
Applying Foundation for a Skin Like Finish (8/25 @ 515pm)
Brow Shaping 101 (9/8 @ 2pm)
Lash Application (Strips and Individuals) (9/8 @ 345pm)
Blush, Bronzer, Highlighting and Contouring (9/8 @ 515pm)
The Five Minute Face/No Makeup Makeup (10/20 @ 2pm)
The 20 Minute Face/Girl's Night Out Makeup (10/20 @ 345pm)

No Refunds.